Chinoiserie tiles

This range is different from the others. We can design a Chinoiserie panel for you in any shape or style, and include and flowers, birds, butterflies or insects that you might like. You could even include some animals.

These hand painted tiles have different prices for a white background or a yellow background.
Any of these designs can be painted without the background colour.
Prices per tile:
On our off-white background = £22 each on handmade 5″ (13cm) tiles or on machine made 152mm tiles.
On a yellow background = £24 each. These tiles have the background colour painted and fired twice to give extra depth and richness to the colour.

Click on images to enlarge.

We have a variety of yellows that you can choose from for the background, but all of the above were painted with either Dusky yellow, or the more acid Buttercup yellow.