Bear in mind that these colours are only representative. A colour sample tile can be sent on request.
This is to give an idea of the colours and is a fairly accurate representation but an exact match is impossible due to the nature of the technology. These are the colours used for painting. Paler versions of all the colours are possible.The line is usually painted in black or dark blue.We have concentrated on developing our glaze  for its richness of colour. We have two tin glazes – off white and cream. For Delft ranges we can also paint onto various shades of very pale blue background.

1.Butter. Yellow
1 Buttercup yellow
 2. Dusky Orange
2 Dusky orange
 3.  New Orange
3 Orange
 4. Red
4 Red
5. Light Blue
5 Light Blue
6.Copper Turq.
6 Copper Turquoise
7. G7 Green
7 G7 Green
8. CN/G7 Green
8 CNG7 Green
9. G14 Green
11 G14 Green
10. G12 Green
10 G12 Green
 11. Blue Green
10 Blue Green
 12. B4 Blue
12 B4 Blue
13. Grey 1
13 Grey 1
14. Pale Cobalt
14 Pale Cobalt Blue
15. Cobalt Blue
15 Cobalt Blue