We welcome commissions large and small from private and commercial clients.
For information on how to commission tiles from us, and to view some examples please look at the GALLERY. Sample tiles can be ordered at cost price.


All of our tiles are available worldwide by mail order. Please contact us by email: reptiles@talk21.com    or telephone us on 01994 419402 and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.
Alternatively fill in our contact form at the bottom of the page and we will get back to you.

Bluebird tiles


For a price list please look at the PRICES page


There is no VAT payable at present. For overseas orders there may be local taxes or duties to pay.
Payments can be made by direct money transfer, by cheque or by PayPal.
When your order is confirmed we will send you an invoice.
We require full payment before delivery.
For most commissions we require an initial deposit of 50%.


Delivery charges vary according to weight and destination.
Quotations are available on request.
We charge delivery at cost.


Please allow 1-3 weeks for UK orders, or 4-6 weeks for larger commissions or overseas orders.
If you have a tight deadline please let us know and we will endeavour to meet it.

Bluebird tiles

Minimum Order

We have no minimum order.

Tile Types and Sizes

We paint on both our own handmade tiles and machine made tiles that we buy in unglazed.

Handmade tiles are available in most sizes and can be made to a specific thickness but are usually around 7mm thick.
Our most popular sizes are 10 x 10 cm and 5 x 5″ (12.7 x 12.7 cm).

Handmade tiles are always subject to variations (these include materials and drying conditions), sizes are never exact and they are not always perfectly flat and square – it all adds to the charm.

Machine made tile sizes:
10 x 10 cm x 5 mm thick (3.9 inches square)
148 x 148 x 5mm thick (5.8 inches square)
152 x 152 x 7 mm (6 inches square)

Bluebird tiles


To see the range of colours see the COLOURS page
We have made every effort to be accurate in the depiction of our colours, but due to the nature of the technology and also due to the nature of ceramics, variations are inevitable.
If you feel unsure about the colours then a colour sample tile can sent to you.
All of our tiles are hand painted without stencils, so are all unique – as with the colours there will always be variation, which is part of the appeal of hand crafted work.


All of the tiles you can see on this website are earthenware, we fire our tiles to 1060°C
The colours are part of the glaze and will never fade.
We mostly work with tin glaze on a white clay body.
Our tiles are suitable for interior walls in any situation (for example fireplaces, behind Agas and Rayburns, bathrooms and showers and swimming pools) but not for floors.

Bluebird tiles


Tin glazed ware is variously called Maiolica, Faience and Delftware. The typical blue and white tile is usually tin glazed.

It is a lead glaze made opaque by the addition of about 10% of tin oxide. Tin glaze was developed by the Persians to imitate the Chinese porcelain that was passing through Persia in the 11th Century. The Moors then brought the technique to Spain where it rapidly spread throughout Europe.

The bisque (unglazed) tiles are hand dipped in tin glaze and left to dry for a few days before painting. We then paint on them with various mixtures of oxides and underglaze colours. The tiles are then fired to about 1060°C in an electric kiln. During the firing process the tin in the glaze absorbs the colour so that it becomes part of the glaze, hence this method is also called in-glaze.


All of our designs are copyright Reptile Tiles and Ceramics 1988-2022

Hand painted fish tiles


We never have, and never will, share any information about our customers with anyone.

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