Tile ranges

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Chinoiserie tiles
Cityscape tiles
Flora and Fauna


Galleon tiles
Delft Birds & BeesDelft Birds and Bees tiles small British WildlifeBritish Wildlife Tiles Delft Animals
Delft Animal tiles


Medieval Animals
Medieval Animal tiles
Garden Birds Colour BirdsColour bird tiles Bluebirds
Bluebird tiles


Bird & Beehive
Birds and Bees tiles
Wildflower tiles
Fruit & FlowerFruit and Flower tiles    Delft FlowerDelft Flower tiles


Diatom tiles
Fish tiles
Agriculture tiles
Tea and Coffee tiles



Seabird & Lighthouse

Sealife tiles
 Boat tiles


  Corner Motifs
Corner motifs

These are a selection of the ranges of hand painted tiles that we produce.
The tiles can be ordered as seen or can be used as a starting point for a commission.
All of our tiles are hand drawn and painted, so each tile is totally unique.
To see some previous commissions look at the GALLERY.
For details of sizes, prices and availability please see the ORDER page.
Most of our tiles are tin glazed maiolica, but we also work with alkaline glazes and lead glazes.
All of the designs can be ordered on our own handmade tiles – usually 10 x10 cm or
5″ x 5″ (127 x 127mm)
or on machine made tiles: 100 x 100mm, 148 x 148mm, and 154 x 154mm (6″)
The designs can be painted in any colour combination, and we can produce matching plain tiles if you require.
Prices can be found at the bottom of each tile range page, or on the PRICES page.
For further technical information see the ORDER page.
If this is all too confusing, just ring or email us!