These are the prices for all our ranges apart from Chinoiserie and Cityscape tiles.
Prices for special commissions will usually be more than these prices – quotations can be given on request.
Most large tile panels are around £18  per tile.

Prices are per tile.

VAT is not chargeable at present.

All prices are in Pound Sterling. For overseas orders we will quote in your currency.

We charge postage at cost and will give you a quote once we know the size and destination of the order.
We usually use a courier service, and will arrange a delivery date suitable for you.

We accept payment by direct transfer, cheque or PayPal.

All of our tiles are hand painted. We can paint onto our own handmade tiles, or we can paint onto factory made blank tiles that we buy in. Our most common size is 5″X5″ handmade, so the price given for handmade is for this size. It will vary for smaller or larger tiles.

Sample tiles can be ordered at cost price.





PRICE per tile

Hand Painted tile Handmade 10 x 10 cm  £15.50
          “ 5″x 5″  £17
Machine made 148x148mm  £16
           “ 10 x 10 cm  £14
Plain Tile Handmade 10 x 10 cm  £2.50
          “ 5″x5″  £3.00
Machine made 148x148mm  £2.25
            “ 10 x 10 cm  £1.50
Corner Motif Only Handmade 10 x 10 cm  £5.00
           “ 5″x5″  £6
Machine made 148X148mm  £5
           “  10 x 10 cm  £4.00
 Border Tile Handmade  5″x2½”  £9.50
Machine made 148x74mm  £9