Tree of life tiles

Tree of Life tiles

This is the fourth tile panel I have painted with the tree in black and white, and splashes of colour on the fruit. Lots of colourful birds, butterflies and insects liven it up. A friend suggested the title “Tree of Life” and I think that fits perfectly. I have another panel in the offing, but would love to paint a huge one. I have lots of ideas for some more – the leaves would look good in green, or perhaps in gold lustre, with lustre also on the insects.

Tree of life peacock tile panel

These panels can be designed any size, and the birds, butterflies, insects and flowers can be specific to where you live, or what you love.

I am currently designing another tree based on an old English embroidery. I love Elizabethan and Blackwork and stumpwork. The naivety appeals to me. My mother taught embroidery throughout most of my childhood, so embroidery and needlework have always been part of my life.

Here are some of the other Tree of Life tile panels I have painted as commissions over the past two years:

This was for behind an Aga. All British wildlife.
This was part of a huge shower panel. Unfortunately I never got a picture of it in situ, and it was impossible for me to photograph it as a whole.
Peacock shower tile panel
Very similar to the most recent panel – this is just two tiles taller.